Blaser Magnifiqaox

                                                                                                     by Magnum Psyche (US)  x. KF Bold Lass(US)

Maggie, as we call her, was born 22 mars 2009 at Black Arabians of Sweden but her breeders are Kimberly & Nicholas Blaser at the Blaseridge Farm, Florida USA. She is a purebred arabian and she got her name after her father Magnum Psyche, togheter with the studs breeding name. 

She is a dream come true for Linda, to once in her life own a daughter of Magnum Psyche "The king of kings"!


We have big plans for Maggie and hopefully she will forefill them!










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                       Amirihe ox

                by Preference    x. Aminhe

Amirihe is a purebred arabian. She was born at the family Nielsen in Denmark 1998. We imported her and her baby colt (Astrakhan) in august 2006. Amirihe have had severel offspring in her life. (see pictures in "Offspring"). Amirihe is a nice dressage and showjumphorse.

She is a very good mother and breeding mare, and a very lovely friend! 


Hon är 148 cm tall and has the special color Flaxen Chestnut or Golden Chestnut as it also is called, she is a dubble carrier of the Flaxen-gene. (see more info in "Colors" )


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                                                                       Ekbäckens Siskin


by Heniarth Mr Milligan (GB)  x.Ekbäckens Saga

Sissi, as we call her, our fairytail-pony, is a Welsh Mountin pony and she was born at the Ekbäckens stud in  2003. Sissi moved in with us in nov.  2006

Sissi was Champion filly in 2006 and we have had her shown severel times with very good placements. She have never had lower than 40p at any show! She was classwinner and championmare at the show in Nybro 5/8-07. Vi visade henne 9/9-07 på premiering,

Sissi was broken to ride and to carry a wagon in 2007.


Sissi är 120 cm tall and carries the very special color Cremello, she is a duble carrier of the creme-gene. (see more info in "Colors")                  



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Clavinstown Missy (IRE) 


by Thunder Storm x. Ashfield Clavinstown


Missy is our  "famous-pony" and she is a Connemara and born with Mr Jeramiah G Campion in Irland 1993. She came to our farm in feb.-07.

Missy was imported to Sweden in 2002 as a showjumpingpony. Then she changed her direction and became a Gymkhana champion, she have won several titles in the Swedish championship.


Missy is 143 cm tall and carries the special color Perlino, she is a duble carrier of the creme-gene. (see more info in "Colors" )





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