by LM Limaal  x Bazilika  by Glaz

Puccini is a purebreed Arabian and was born at Oppreva Arabstud 2001. He was Futurity Champion as yearling 2002 and  is rewarded with the goldpoints 88,33 in international shows and 39p in the Swedish Nationals 2009.


He is 153cm tall and he carries the special color Flaxen Chestnut also called Golden Chestnut and he is thereby carrier of the Flaxen-gen. He also carries the Sabino-gen. (Read more in "Colors")

Puccini is X-rayed in all four legs and found clear.

He is also SCID-clear

We are riding Puccini in several dicsiplines such as dressage, showjumping and Western.                                


Breeding fee 2010:  650 euro  Please contact us for more information.


You can look at more pictures of Puccini if you click on the picture. And to see his pedigree in pictures you can follow this linkPEDIGREE

                                                          Golden SunDancer 

                                                                                     by Pucciniox x. Ekbäckens Siski   

Danny, as we call him, is born here at stud the 27 april 2008. He is a Palomino-arabian, a 50%  partbreed arabian and he carries the special color Palomino.

He is 50% arab and 50% Welsh Mountain. He is 136cm tall.


He is a multichampion in halter and he has been classwinner and Partbreed- champion every time he participated in Arabian Shows, both nationals and internationals! His latest record is from may 2012 where he recived 90,5p and highest score for movements of all three judges! His totalscore was third best of all the horses at the show!

2012 his first foals are born, if you like to see one of them check out Golden Amazing.


He is aprowed by veternary standards to cover mares. He own his licens and is availble for breeding.


Breeding fee 2013:

Breeding: 300 euro

Foal-fee at 90 days pregnancy:100 euro

A total ammount of 400 euro. Stable-cost will be added                       You can look at more  pictures and a

video if you click at the picture.        


Briolen Sofren WSB 56463

e. Twyford Newsflash u. Graigifan Sweet

Billly, as we call him, is Welsh Mountain pony born in 1999 at Briolen Stud in United Kingdom. Billy was exportede to Sweden at the age of three. He came to us at Golden Arabians in summer of 2010. He is a very sweet and gentle boy who knows he is handsome and is a real show-off when he knows someone is looking.

Billy has been showed severel times with gold-rewards and champion titles.

He is 112cm tall  and a Palomino.

(He can cover mares up to 150cm tall)


Billy is availble for breeding and he has lifetime-licens and is clear for breeding.

All offsprings can be registrerd in SWF, SH or ASRP


Breeding fee 2013:

Breeding: 300 euro Foal-fee at 90 days pregnancy: 100 euro= tot 400 euro Stable-cost will be added.



(If you like to see more pictures and a video click at the picture)